Me, Myself & I – All Guilty!

Daily Prompt asked:  What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

  • Once I’m done
  • Go watch some TV
  • Play with your brother
  • Why don’t you go read a book
  • I think you need a nap
  • Here’s some paper and glue, go make something
  • If you don’t play with your toys I’m going to give them away

These are just a few of the motivational phrases I belt out sometimes to push the little people in my life, well, to, you know, ugh, don’t judge me, to, LEAVE ME ALONE! With three boys in the house, it can get quite noisy and busy. My disclaimer before I continue: *** I love my boys. Okay, now that you know the truth of my undying love for them, the other truth is that I have learned to also love ME time. It’s become my guilty, not guilty pleasure. For quite some time my husband had been encouraging pushing nagging me to get a hobby, something that represents me. I’d smile kindly, trying to keep the list of things that still needed to be completed around the house safely tucked away in my brain somewhere, so it wouldn’t spew out with the tone that would only entice a hearty argument. I knew he meant well, but who else would captain this ship, who else would keep the engine running, who else would oil this machine; yes, I’m crazy like that. But in good nature and fun I’d search many options of things that would capture my attention enough to get me away from the deck. All but to fail, miserably. I guess I love my boys too much to allow something to rip me away from them and all that they need. Yeah, right!

And in a very Forest Gump kind of way, I suddenly got a feeling, just surge through my veins to write. (For those who don’t know the analogy, Forest Gump had a sudden desire to run, for no absolute reason, but to run. Watch the movie). This new hobby makes me feel good, connected, makes me smile. Epiphany; the best way to write and get it out there was to blog. It’s the 2014 way. Hey, everyone that knows me knows that I have lots to say. And in order to fully do that, I now carve out time for myself to write, to be inspired, to read other blogs, to get to know other bloggers, and to learn this new world. This special time to put pen to paper (finger to keyboard), to express myself is on the top of my list of loves. Sure, my kids and my husband, and okay, okay my family and friends are on the top segment of that list of loves. But I have learned how NOT to feel guilty any more about putting myself on the apex. I no longer feel guilty scaring the kids away. I proudly nip guilt in the bud when I make mac & cheese or PB&J just to have enough time for a post. And I definitely don’t feel guilty after feeling the pleasure of having even just one person say they enjoy what I write.

Thanks Honey!




2 thoughts

  1. We should all take a lesson from this…don’t feel guilty about ME time, although easier said than done. Very enjoyable read elkelorraine!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. With all the constant everyday life stuff we encounter or need to complete, it definitely is a challenge. But hey, I prefer to be on here instead of folding laundry for the trillionth time. Glad you enjoyed it. You just made my evening.



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