From Five Months To Eleven Years To…

I glanced and contemplated a man,
you were young and prideful but caught my eye.
I kept pulling my thoughts away,
for you seemed less reliable and more of a wise guy.


You couldn’t possibly be all that I dreamed of,
all that I needed and all that I waited for.
You insisted that you were the one to share my life, 
and pushed like waves against the shore.


You found creative ways to change my mind,
small touches, sweet words and witty remarks.
You reminded me how great it was to laugh,
and before I knew it I felt the sparks.


I gave in to the possibility of something wonderful,
you courted me with class and respect.
Although I was somewhat guarded and broken,
Once my heart joined in, it was love I was able to detect.


It didn’t take long to know what we both wanted,
five moths later holding hands we declared “I do”.
Many told me I was crazy and it wouldn’t last.
This year I’ll happily celebrate my eleventh year with you.


There was the clichéd “we had many ups and downs,
with love and patience you get through it all”.
The truth is that what made us stronger,
was the net we provided when the other would fall.


We’ve pushed at each other harder than we should,
pulled away from one another when we should not.
But as many trials our love may continue to face,
it’s your strong shoulder drawing me in as my consoling spot.


Are five months enough to get to know one another?
It’s not a route I’d recommend to someone else.
But our own eleven years are proof enough to the world,
that with determination our love became our wealth.


You willingly went from wise guy to father.
You’ve deciphered how to slowly break down my wall.
You’ve helped clean all of the “dirty laundry”.
Three sons later we help one another stand strong and tall.


Eleven years are a true testament of who we are.
Boy, do we have quite interesting stories to tell.
What the next eleven years will bring we do not know,
but it is in your arms that I will always choose to dwell.


“Happy Anniversary” is the customary phrase of choice.
Two generic words that truly do not suffice.
I hope these words clearly indicate the depth of my love,
five months or eleven years I’d easily do it thrice.



3 thoughts

  1. Happy 11 yrs of patience, determination but above all “love”. I feel “the force” is strong with you both. Hope to celebrate your 12th once we relocate.

    With love and deep respect;

    Family Treeck


  2. Your loving description of our lives from courtship to marriage and beyond definitely took me by surprise.
    While I was reading it at work, I constantly needed to look up to see if anyone noticed the tears of happiness in my eyes.

    Because you know the things that we go through in our lives to make this love we have survive.
    It is amazing that something so pint-sized can make me feel so alive inside.

    That makes our upcoming 11th year anniversary a new day to remember, because I can now appreciate the power of our love celestial.
    If only l had known back then that the day that l met you would change the rest of my life, that you were that special.



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