Have Anniversary… Will Celebrate


What causes you to celebrate? Is it getting that beautiful diamond ring from your boyfriend? Or maybe the offer of that dream job? Did you see that highly anticipated plus sign on your pregnancy test after two years of trying? Or receiving the finalized divorce papers from the lawyer? Hey! Don’t judge. Reasons to celebrate come in many forms. For some its hearing that the tumor is benign; or that the hospital found you a perfect donor match. Others dance at the news that the person that wronged them was brought to justice and their ass is now in jail or paying the consequence. I’m just sayin’.

Moving on… these are what I call life’s big-ticket items. Front row seat, all out celebrations. But why leave celebrating for just the big things? Your son got an A on his test? Celebrate. Your two-year old made his first toilet donation? Celebrate. Make an anniversary out of anything that is truly important to you. Go ahead and celebrate each year the day that you bought your first home. Or why not celebrate the anniversary of when your kids graduated college? Here’s an awesome website that gives you 365 quirky and insane holidays to celebrate. Pick your poison.: 365reasonstocelebrate.wordpress.com.

This week I choose three reasons to celebrate…

***First and foremost, tomorrow my most inquisitive 5-year-old turns in to my most inquisitive 6-year-old. That’s right, on April Fools Day… that’s double the fun.


***Then this past weekend was my one year anniversary of The Pretty Platform. This blog is a huge part of me… so pass the wine.

Screenshot_2015-03-30-17-44-22 (2)

***Then, on Friday, April 3rd marks the day my beloved and so very missed mother was born. A perfect time to reminisce the great moments we had with her.


So… here’s to Cristian, to The Pretty Platform and to Mom. Thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate life. Next week will bring many more.

— Elke — I feel it so I speak it!

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