Promote Kindness – A Mother’s Story!

Unfortunately there have been too many articles exposing the experience of women, of moms that have been encountering judgement and criticism from…. OTHER MOMS! This is truly disappointing given that we live in a time where we have more access to one another and hence having a wonderful opportunity to becoming part of a large support system no matter where in the world we are at. And yet, the opposite is happening. Moms are finding themselves more alone than ever. Moms are finding themselves more depressed than ever. They are hiding their true feelings for fear of further judgement even from those closest to them. So they go through life internalizing instead of finding the help and support that they need. Let’s promote kindness, let’s be each others listen ear and shoulder to cry on. Let’s allow others to vent and help them to exhale. I wanted to share with everyone here the story of a mother who has finally spoken out. She has broken her silence. Her situation may not be something you may understand or ever encountered in your own life. But that’s the point. Learn from each other. If you listen with an open mind and open heart, you might find out all the different obstacles out there confronting moms everywhere. She needs to connect with other moms out there that may be going through the same thing, but may be too scared because they too think they are the only one. I want you to welcome this new blogger with open arms. This has to be one of the most amazing, heart tugging stories I’ve heard about. Let her share her story with you. Reach out to her with the support you would want in return if you were in a needed situation.

Here’s to The Life Stand! Let’s all take a stand together.

— The Pretty Platform

16 thoughts

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Your support is greatly appreciated. I think it’s important to lend that support any way we can, even if it’s in small gestures. I hope you can go visit this new blogger and lend a supportive follow. She has much to share and I know that it’ll motivate her even more as we all come together.


    1. Thank you so much for the time taken to read this post. It truly means a lot to me. If at all possible, please join with me in giving this new blogger some support so she can continue feeling motivated to share her stories.


    1. I so agree with you. So many folks hesitate to show kindness to others for fear of being underappreciated or like you said, misunderstanding the gesture. I had an ex boyfriend that thought I was flirting with an old man because I was kind enough to enter a conversation with him while we were waiting for a table at a restaurant. I like talking to older people. One, because it makes them still feel valued. And two, because I feel there is always something to learn from them. Needless to say, the dude is now my ex. But you just gave me a great idea for a future post.


    1. Moms worldwide need to feel like they are not alone. And I don’t mean having the support of a spouse or partner. Sometimes the only person that can really understand us is another woman, or another mom. Moms need support systems just like folks that are recovering from some ailment.



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