The Sound of Silence

We can all agree that radio, television, children, and gatherings are all producers of sound, both pleasant and unpleasant… of course depending on the receiver. Your favorite song. A funny sitcom. Laughter from your little ones. Great conversation with family and friends. All positive things for sure, and I thankfully find myself being a willing receiver to it all. But equally… well, actually if not more important to me is SILENCE. It’s in silence that I can “hear” my own voice. If we take out time to listen to other people’s rants on various topics…be it on the news, or a YouTube channel, or reading it in an article, then one should also take time out to hear (insert your name here) internal voice, thoughts and ideas. Surprisingly though, through my conversations with different types of people, I have learned that silence is a very scary thing for many. They cringe at the idea of having thoughts running out of their inner depths up to the surface of their minds, and hence they look to drown out the opportunity with outward, loud, consistent sounds.

I have no right to tell you that you need to change, because change is a personal decision taken when your current path no longer benefits your needs. But since you’re still reading this, let me tell you that silence CAN be and IS a beautiful sound. It’s a put your feet up and cuddle with a soft, plush blanket by candlelight kind of sound. It’s a watch the sunrise/sunset with your feet in the sand kind of sound. Its a soak in a warm bath when you’re cold kind of sound. Silence can help with relaxing the mind to then allow for an inner thought to be heard.

During that silence, alone with that thought….

  • You’ll be able to hear your thought and even be able to outline reasons for the thought.
  • You can mentally scratch out the thought as “done” after coming up with various solutions.
  • You can make plans, you can set goals, you can recollect memories, you can even have a conversation with yourself.
  • You can nurture your imagination and fantasize.
  • You can judge your thoughts or you can excuse them.
  • You can analyze where you went wrong, or relive what helped you succeed.
  • You can become that friend to yourself that always listens and uplifts.
  • You can give yourself the advice you’re always dishing out to others, and actually hear it.
  • You can swear as much as you’d like in thought without disrupting others. When my eight year old gets angry, he asks me if he can swear to himself in thought. I tell him that his thoughts are completely his and he can definitely swear through his anger. As long it doesn’t escape in sound to others. He’s happy and ultimately, I’m happy.

And there’s always time to be in thought. Driving is my favorite time to discuss things with myself. Especially when the kids are not in the car. But when they are, and I’ve given them enough time to express themselves, I require some silence for thinking. They find it interesting that I want to just think, but by osmosis it’s becoming part of their weekly routine. Hopefully they will enjoy it and benefit from it as they travel in to adulthood. My shower time is also mine to be in thought. I’ve read that some people’s best ideas have come to them when they are sitting peacefully on the commode.

I really encourage you to try it. I encourage you to turn off the radio and television. Take off the headphones. Sure, it might be scary to be alone with your thoughts, but so was your first date, and you got through that. You may discover an amazing friend within yourself. And don’t forget to be a friend right back. Happy 2018 everyone!!!

— The Pretty Platform

9 thoughts

  1. As someone with anxiety, I can attest to how scary silence can be for some. When you can’t just mark a thought as “done”, silence can make you overthink and it can be really rough to deal with. I’m glad some people can enjoy it though! It must be nice to find the quiet peaceful. Occasionally it is for me, and it’s always nice when it is.


  2. I love this! I am definitely a person who works better in silence, so I can really appreciate this post. I used to meditate and I don’t anymore. I will be working on that more this year. But meditate really helped me hear my Kalia voice. I have a lot of creativity in me that gets muffled out in the day-to-day noise. Thank you for sharing!


  3. I definitely crave the sound of silence. Before kids I often relished in my silence. Nowadays it’s a little harder to find, but oh so sweet when I do get even a few minutes of it.


  4. I’m a creative. What does that mean? It means my mind is constantly in overdrive! When I’m in sensory overload due to TV’s, music, errands, kids, projects, my own mind, etc. it’s truly hard to complete tasks. I love unplugging and being in silence! I try to do it on the daily – usually in the morning. So I can map out my day, create a plan of action, and come up with some awesome ideas! If I didn’t do that, the chaos would control me instead of me controlling it! Great article!


  5. I love that story about your 8 year old. Great post, I personally love a little silence each day to reflect, it definitely helps me to feel less stressed and a bit rejuvenated.


  6. I love this! So often I say that I am going to “unplug” and either do something more productive with my time or just be still in the moment and it doesn’t end up happening. I think it could be because I am afraid to “shut off” and I think this will really help knowing that I should take that time and listen to God!



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