#4StressfulWeeks – A Blogging Series

#4StressfulWeeks. A blogging series. 


Have you seen the new social network craze of #100happydays? A noble movement, to say the least, to encourage everyone to find daily happiness in the small things in life and then post up a daily picture recording and sharing it with the world. Beautiful isn’t it?

Well, THIS isn’t THAT!

What THIS is, is my way of embracing the ONE thing we all encounter in everyday life. Irregardless of who you are, where you live, or how old you are, we all have it. It’s a part of us. It’ll follow you to the ends of earth. It’ll disguise itself then pop up in your face like that annoying clown from a wind up jack-in-the-box toy. (I really hate clowns).  Doctors have agreed though that a balanced amount of it can actually be healthy for us.


Yes, if stress is such a permanent fixture in our lives, then why fight it? It’s probably one of those things that the more you fight against it, the more exhausted you become, the weaker you get, and hence “STRESS” wins, as the referee, pounding on the ground counts down your defeat.

If all of humanity is sharing Happy Pharrell  moments with each other, even random  strangers, in hopes to connect or impart, then ditto. My purpose here is to share my  everyday, grey hair, teeth grinding, pencil snapping stress inducers to connect with you, my fellow stressed out reader.


Sure, I am happy to have a car. I even “upgraded”, to my husband’s dismay, to a minivan for the extra room and comfort. I swear, his reaction to my request rivaled that to when he watched the infamous cold-blooded saw off the leg scene in the movie Saw. But with 3 growing boys it was a sacrificial welcome. Now, every kid has their own designated seat, methodically placed so as to avoid the whole “I’m not touching you” scenario. But if that was all it took to make all things right again in the world, then this post would be all wrapped up with a pretty pink bow. 

Damn it! This car has been a pain in my ass. Case in point, just this morning, we park in the commuter lot right before having to catch the bus to work. We step out of the car and hear a sudden hissing sound. What IS that? As we twist and search around like dogs chasing their tails, our eyes finally land on the back tire. We stand there like idiots with our jaws on the ground. We got a flat tire? What the hell? We didn’t hit any potholes on the way, no indication of tire imbalance. And in 5 seconds flat (pun intended) the tire was empty. No time for this crap now. We need to catch that bus. We’ll deal with everything tonight. Normally, this would be one of those “just a small bump in the road” moments (yes, another pun) IF we had the spare to use. But that would be too easy. As this day would make sure to remind us that there IS a hell on earth, the spare was occupying the other back tire. 

Fast forward to 7 pm. I’ll sum it up since my stress inducer here is the car itself and not the hell of what this day continued to be. All flat fix locations in the area are closed. Of course. We call a friend. He lends us a hand and his time. We pick up the kids at daycare and then head back to the car.  Use his air pump to locate a hole in the tire. None. Cool right? Nope. The tire air valve snapped. How does something like that even happen anyway? Either way, not something we could fix. Jump in to friends car, with tire and kids in tow (I’m filled with these today). Mother Nature decides to partake in this game and sends us a heavenly downpour as we drive half hour to Pep Boys. Not fun. Once there, the guy at the repair shop says that he doesn’t have our cars valve sensor in stock. This CAN’T be happening!  We plead with him for some type of resolution since we’d be without a car otherwise. This “angel” rips out our valve sensor and replaces it with a regular one, and then doesn’t even charge us for it. A little moment of reprieve? Back at the car, Mother Nature seems to have gotten somewhat pissed off because she upgraded the downpour to a flood watch level storm. Hubby finished changing the tire. Bid friend farewell. We’re all drenched by the time we get home. And all I can do is make a mental list of all the latest snafus, in an attempt to validate my contempt for this automobile.

  • The wipers snapped while scraping ice during one of our latest snowstorms. I swear, all I did was tap it. 
  • The ever so common (read sarcasm) pinhole in the radiator hose connector. Because of this, the antifreeze leaks and when it squirts against the engine the car starts to smoke. To get professionally replaced; $350.00. Pinhole is and will still be there. We seem to be getting used to the car being a chain smoker anyway.
  • The back sliding doors refuse to open after a snowstorm. Did the manufacturer even test this? I can’t believe that I have to climb over the front seats to get the kids strapped in. No easy task when we all look like Eskimos with clunky snow boots on, all the while trying to avoid getting snow on the seats. Ultimate FAIL.
  • Why does that damn engine light keep coming on? Mechanic said all is fine, but I can’t help but feel like she’s sticking out her symbolic tongue at me every time it lights up. She also seems to be flipping me the bird each time the words “change oil” flashes on the dash, even after we JUST got the oil changed.
  • Remember the spare already being used as the other back tire? Well, on our way to dropping off the kids to daycare one morning, of course we hit what I call a small pothole. My husband would debate that description entirely. It doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong here. (He’d debate that too). Outcome was still the same. This car must have the “Steve Rogers before turned Super Soldier” version of tires. Because we now had no ordinary flat. The entire metal frame bent like a pretzel, making it obsolete to even hold the rubber tire in place. And wouldn’t you know it… IT WAS RAINING! Mother Nature has a wicked, wicked sense of humor. We’re still waiting to receive the tire frame in the mail, the frame we had to search all of the Web for, so as to avoid the astronomical local costs for a new one. 
You know, I’m actually feeling a little better now that I’ve shared this with you (along with the 2 very relaxing glasses of Cabernet). Thank you for sticking through to the end. And given that my car is a doozy, I think I’ll close my 1st stressful week installment without adding any more “fuel” to the fire. (That’s the last one, I swear).

See you next week with my 2nd installment of #4StressfulWeeks. And may YOU TOO find a way to share your stress with all of humanity. (No way would 100 days of stress be possible… too stressful).

– Elke

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  1. The chance to escape my stress world and peek into yours provided the best 5 minutes of my day. Hope one day you get to speed away on the freeway of life with minimal stress 😉

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