#4StressfulWeeks – Week 3

Wouldn’t you agree that sometimes it’s the little things that make the most impact? When it comes to that theory in the realm of happiness; a single flower from a partner, a tight hug from a parent, a pasta picture frame from your pre-schooler, or a letter received in the mail from a friend. These or similar tiny actions surely remind the recipient how damn lucky they are. I remember when my oldest came home with this simple paper laminated bookmark he made for me at school when he was about 7 years old. Honestly, best gift EVER. 10 years later and I still cherish that gift as if it was the found Holy Grail treasure itself.  So, equally impactful are the small momentary nuances of everyday life, when piled up on each other, make giant doom impending mountains out of what should remain mole hills. Here are some of my odd ball mole hills. I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to some of these.

  1. I’m an extremely organized person, but for the life of me I can’t seem to be able to master the ability to organize my mail. How difficult can this task really be? I guess procrastination has something to do with it, so it continues to pile up. Currently, I think I have a full 2 weeks worth of mail in a basket on my vanity. Here’s the funny thing though, I bought that basket to organize my mail. Ironic, isn’t it?
  2. Don’t judge me, but along the lines of procrastination, I keep forgetting to set aside time to make all doctor appointments for the family. That’s kind of important,  huh?!   I know we should visit the dentist every six months. I promised myself of that the last time we saw him….almost 1 whole year ago. Maybe the pain in my tooth will start reminding me. I’m sure of it. You’re judging me, aren’t you?
  3. Simply put…my mind has to spread its wings and span wide from college applications (for my soon to be 17-year-old) to kindergarten registration (for my 5-year-old). What was I thinking???
  4. A family of five and flying to your vacation destination can never ever cohabitate under one cohesive possible thought.  Instead, we will venture in to a torturous 15 hour drive in a mini van with three kids and a dog. May God have mercy on my soul on the soul of my three boys. Who knows what underlying deep dark traits from within my own soul will surface and reveal themselves.
  5. I have this Kaboodle filled with beautiful glass bottles of nail polish, so many pretty colors.   The women adult equivalence to that of a kids 64 piece Crayola Crayon box. The one with a sharpener in the back. And yet my nails look like colorless crap. I give great manicures, but you’d never know by looking at my hands. And I refuse to go pay for one. Downright refuse.
  6. Work leads me to the Office. The Office leads me to Coworkers. Need I say more?
  7. And just today Evernote erased my latest assignment for Blogging University Writing101, assignment #11. All that work, POOF!!! Gone!!! ALL GONE!!!

I can’t be too bitter though. All these little “mountainous” details are still a reminder of how grateful I should be. A house, my family, teeth, the ability to go way on vacation, a good paying job with vacation days, awesome fellow bloggers, and pretty colorful bottles of nail polish.

Need I say more?

My last entry is going to be a doozy for this segment. I’ve been waiting and biting my colorless nails. But I’ve been patient. Truly, truly patient. Hope you’ll come back to read my #4 entry of #4stressfulweeks.

Until then, please enjoy all the small details. In the words of Author Richard Carlson – Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.

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  1. Do not even feel bad soo many of us are guilty of these “little things” adding up! You turn around and it is a monster sized task and you think what the hell….how did it get that big? Lol

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