Better Pissed Off than Pissed On

I felt I needed this. A spot for my other “miniature-sized” rants. Don’t be mistaken, I turn to chocolate and wine, like most women, any time something gets under my skin. It helps ease it all away. But before that, there’s always that small moment in time, in that instant, when the blood starts to boil, when you’ve actually stopped breathing, when your teeth have clenched, and your hands have a tightened grip, you need to just BARK! Only after that can you exhale, and then truly appreciate the benefits of the chocolate and wine. Hope you enjoy my recaps each week, because a girl can let just enough pile up before she explodes. (JUST GO TO THE PULL DOWN FROM THE MENU BAR ABOVE AND YOU’LL SEE EACH DATE ENTRY).


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      1. That’s a good thing! Unless you have the Write-a-thon disease where you’ll just write forever and ever, steam coming off your fingers, unable to stop. If that’s the case, I’m sorry 🙁

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