June 1-8

This week started off pretty boring. I actually thought I’d have nothing to rant about. Imagine having such a pleasant week that you truly didn’t need to get anything off your chest. Well, it all came pouring down toward the end. Should I have been surprised? Should I have appreciated more the quiet downtime, or should I appreciate the idiots that finally made an appearance? If they didn’t, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to contribute to my new page. Well, here it is. And here’s to the downtime AND the idiots.

  1. To the guy on the bus that complained about the air conditioner and as a result made us all late to work waiting on a technician. How many times did I have to repeat the obvious by telling you that if it’s so hot how about you take off the jean jacket and baseball hat. Why were you even wearing them in this heat to begin with? We are now in the process of hunting you down. Be scared. Be very scared.
  2. Do me a favor and keep your fake smile to yourself. Didn’t you realize it looks fake? If it was not your intention, then I suggest you go practice your smiling skills in the mirror at home. Until then, don’t worry about me. I don’t need the insincere gesture.
  3. If I did you a favor, and I helped you out, then say Thank You. I could technically be “too busy” next time. Come to think of it, just forget it. I WILL BE TOO BUSY next time to help out.
  4. If you’re going to reside in my household and want to call this house YOURS, then how about you pay half, one third, heck, even 1/16th of the damn bills. If not… GET OUT!!!
  5. Kudos to the person calling himself a man but felt that his weiner would get bigger by flipping the bird at a minivan with a mom and two kids in it just because I didn’t break the law by moving over to make a one lane road into a two lane road. You moron. And you STILL got stuck at the red light. HA! That’s what you get.


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