Not Enough Time In Your Day?

Where did you rush off to this morning? Did you spring out of bed, speed through your morning routine, run to the bus or train, then power walk to the office, wishing you could stop off at Starbucks for a Grande Pike or a Latte but no time? No time. Never enough time! Home, school/work, back home, sleep, rinse and repeat.

Oh, the notorious lines of practically every adult; “How I wish I had a few extra hours in the day!”

Is that all? Are you sure that’s all you need? Is that your wish? Let’s pause here for a minute. A whole minute. Please count to 60 (with a Mississippi in between) and then get back to the article.

Welcome back! I’m sure you believe that I’m going to provide you with some type of infinite wisdom on how to gain a few extra hours in the day. Oh how I wish I was that powerful. Plus I’m sure you’ve already read quite a few articles trying to do just that. They tell you to stop surfing on your phone, or stop watching those cute, funny cat videos. Or stop binging on Netflix. Maybe the suggestion was to minimize reading emails, or articles on Facebook, or texting all day long. Do all this and you’ll gain extra time. But extra time to do what? Travel? Yeah, you didn’t gain THAT much time. Do laundry? Is that what you really wanted the extra time for? Overtime at the office? You already did your time there so keep it moving.

Here’s the thing…. the exact things they are telling me to stop doing is exactly what I NEED time for.

  • I need to surf on my phone for additional research on article topics. I gain information and in the process I’m learning a few things. I may also need to do this research for products or concerns for my everyday needs or for the kids.
  • I find joy in those cute, funny cat or monkey or piglet clips. They make me happy. They warm my heart. They make me laugh. Especially if I’m watching it on The DoDo!!!
  • I’ve also been wanting to catch up on that Netflix/Hulu show that I find so artistically captivating or just downright juicy. And watching all the episodes at once makes it even more intriguing, especially at night, with a cozy blanket and a glass of wine.
  • Most of my emails are important and NEED to be addressed which is why I have it in the first place. I keep them organized for easier reference and I have four different emails for different needs.
  • Texting my family and friends is actually quite the most efficient way to stay in touch with them, keeping ourselves updated on each others lives, sharing photos and videos, helping uplift one another, while still completing other tasks.
  • As for reading articles on FB, well, this doesn’t apply to me… to a degree, because I’ll read articles elsewhere (NY Post, WordPress, FlipBoard) so in the end, same “time” difference.


So, listen up women… HERE is my profound wisdom. Stop allowing others to convince you that you’re falling short. If your home isn’t in shambles, and you’re completing all your work in the office, and your kids are laughing as kids do, and your hair has seen shampoo at least once a week, and you are not wearing your undies inside out due to laundry issues, then you’re using your time just fine for what YOU want or need to use it for. You wanted to do more? Well, then you’re an awesomely ambitious individual and I trust that if that extra task or two is truly important to you, then you’ll squeeze it in somehow, or swap it out for another. If not, then you always have tomorrow, or the weekend. Or you’ll multi-task and fold the laundry, as you watch the last 2 episodes of This is Us, while texting your sister/friend/mother. Problem solved!

As for the 60 seconds I had you count in the beginning? I just wanted to see if you’d really do it. Let me know if you did.

— The Pretty Platform

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  1. Hahaha! No, I did not count to 60. That’s hilarious!
    And it’s true that we need to stop shaming ourselves. If we see things that need correcting in life, we don’t have to shame ourselves either. Just change it and move on.

    1. Kristin,

      Oh darn, wishing someone thought they really needed to count to 60. Hahahaha. Thanks for seeing the humor in it. What’s life without laughter. An you’re right, we need to stop shaming ourselves for what we haven’t done. Let’s start praising ourselves for the actual tasks completed, even if it’s just one. Thanks for your time reading and commenting. It truly means a lot.

  2. Ha, this is great! And I have to say that I completely agree! Maybe we all want too much, but at the end of the day, we should just do what feels right. And yeah, watching Netflix while texting my family is one of my favorite (and necessary!) pastimes.

    1. Hi Jo,

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. It’s folks like yourself that make me enjoy writing even more. Heck, I think it’s great to want more, just as long as it doesn’t interfere with your esteem of what you have already accomplished. Like I told Kristin above, we all need to learn to start praising ourselves for the tasks completed, even if it’s just one. And OMG!!! love Netflix/Hulu and texting too. That’s actually me in the picture watching TV, folding laundry and answering emails on my laptop. I relish in multi-tasking. Weird, I know.

  3. This is so very true and I am guilty of it. I have been trying to cut down on my phone and wasteless time. It’s hard!

    1. I am sure you have a viable reason for being on your phone, and if for nothing else pure enjoyment. If it makes you happy, and you’re still showering and eating, then I think you’re doing just fine. Thanks for the read and comment.

    1. Oh awesome, I’m glad I have some folks on my side on this. So many people put such negative overtones on texting, surfing, emails and binge watching, that folks that enjoy these tasks start to feel guilty about it. Thanks for reading and the comment.

  4. This is an awesome perspective on things. It’s so easy to say stop doing x, y, and z. But balance is important too.

    1. I definitely agree with you on balance. We need to not feel guilty about taking pleasures in modern technologies, but surely not ignore all other things due to them. Heck, I’ll watch the kitten videos with my kids and they love that we’re spending time together enjoying humor and nature. That’s a few things off of my daily parenting checklist.

    1. Kalyn, AGREED!!! I do my laundry in time snippets, squeezed in between the more enjoyable things. Which is why I scatter it throughout the week, this way I don’t need to do any of it on my weekends. Especially now during the summer. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. I didn’t count for the 60 seconds. Not enough time, haha. I like your fresh take on this debate. I agree that some things, like texting family and friends, replying to emails, even vegging out with your favorite show, are not complete wastes of time after all.

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