I freed my mind.
I made myself strong.
A decision many feel is wrong.
Electing my own path.
Despite the daggers and wrath.
All because I did the math.

Wrong with what though?
Not putting their leaders on a throne,
or not feeling they’ve been bestowed?
To not serve your way or not regret?
Or to be an Independent Thinker lest not forget.

So I’m shunned despite being a good mom and loving wife.
A hard worker and loyal friend is how I live my life.
Guiding my children to love and respect,
Because I believe differently; then my worth is stamped REJECT!

I’m told that I’m loved and missed.
That I’m in their hearts and thoughts.
But my address hasn’t changed.
My phone remains same.
I reason I’m the same person,
But to deaf ears my words are lost.

I didn’t lie to a leader, extort from a loved one, or betray a marriage oath.
I didn’t harm a soul.
I didn’t turn my back on a friend.
No justice to me, Whatever they say goes.
Even though they surround themselves with an excess of this,
magnified on overload.

“All of this is pardoned” they profess,
“So as long as you confess”;
“The rule of forgiving up to 77 times”.
But I myself committed NO crime.
Yet you bow your head as you walk by
and can’t look at me in the eye.

So I stand firm despite your opinion on “my kind”.
I set an example to my children that loving kindness has no confines.
It doesn’t start and end with those of like mind,
elitists’ are self-assigned.
We are all of human-kind, which means that in MY book…
No man or woman are left behind.
Extending a simple word or smile on to others is how I like to shine.

My exposed thoughts are never meant to offend.
These words are meant to help others comprehend.
I’ve promised to be open and honest from the start.
That I will no longer pretend.
My worth as a person and woman will no longer be pulled apart.
I advise all to take heart,
and be smart…
There is no shame in an open mind,
and that’s all I have to impart.

— The Pretty Platform

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