Are You Willing to Sacrifice Your Child?

What would you do to save your child’s life? Anything? Everything? As parents, it is not only our job to protect our young, but love moves us to do so innately. Would you sacrifice your child like the biblical Abraham was willing to do? Would you sacrifice your son for strangers like the Christian god did for the masses? Are you willing to do that right now if asked to do so? Where do you draw the line in the name of religion?

Please listen to my testimony and let me know what you would have done.

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  1. It was very interesting to watch, I’m very much into such kind of topics. If it is not personal, how do they manage to brainwash people and make them do things which are sometimes obviously stupid? How did they manage to get you become one of them?

  2. I am a 34 years old exJW with a 6-year-old son. When he was born he had a birth defect that required immediate surgery. Within hours the hospital liaison committee was there to “comfort” (not pressure /s) myself and my husband, and make sure we did the “right” thing. In the end, the doctor/hospital got a court order to use blood if needed. We had to tell the judge over the phone that we refused to allow it. My son did not need it during surgery, but the entire thing made me look at the organization differently. Including my family, who were so proud of my taking a stand. It was the first in a long line of things…

    I have been officially out of the organization, although not DF’d or DA’d, since last July. My parents, brother and extended family have not spoken to me or my husband and son since. My parents who loved us one day decided we were bad people the next. We have not changed as people in any way. Their reaction proved to me who the good guys were and who the bad guys were in the situation, and made me feel confident my leaving was the right thing for my son.

    I’m glad your son is a happy healthy boy. My son is as well. You’d never know he had such a traumatic first five years of his life (multiple surgeries).Thank you for sharing your story. Love the accent BTW. Makes me miss NJ/PA where I grew up. XO Rashel

    1. Rashel,
      My heart goes out to you for all the struggles you have had to endure with your son’s health, but I’m happy to know that he is now doing well. And isn’t it crazy that when you should have been more focused on whether your son got the best care and surgeons, you were expected to be occupied with making sure he DIDN’T get a blood transfusion, because THAT step would be most important to god, as opposed to saving his precious and valuable life. It’s those experiences that allow us to truly SEE. I’m glad to hear that you’re out, but sad that your family has succumbed to their shunning practices and will never truly know your son. Their loss. There is a whole world of people ready to support you. Wishing you and your son all the best.

  3. Ill listen to this when i get a chance. My father became a JW many years ago and it destroyed our family life. I’ve often battled with him on points like this and he’s often never properly answered the question. It grates on me how this organisation operates in this day and age as i feel its openly racist, homophobic and against anything at all that isn’t listen I their many rules.

    1. Simon,
      As much as I want to say that I’m happy that you are not part of this organization, but I know that despite that you have been truly affected by it. JW’s cannot seem to understand that their methods/beliefs/ideas and practices divide instead of unite. I hope one day he can wake up and understand that his responsibility toward you as a father is and should always be a priority.

      1. Oh i know I’ve been affected as he still carries in in his ways. I often have to listen about his ‘adopted’ JW family and his views a regularly racist and homophobic. I’ve tackled him a number of times but his reasoning is totally fucked.
        The thing is, if he changed tomorrow he’s wasted most of his life on them and noe mum is gone he can’t even salvage his relationship with her.
        Its a mess and its their fault.
        So I live my life best i can to not make his mistakes.

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