Is Doing Nothing a Good Use of Your Time?

HELL YEAH!!! (Pulled the thought right out of your head, didn’t I?)

Don’t feel bad about it either. According to the world of Physics (Of course I had to look this up plus Big O confirmed it), Nothing IS actually Something. Sure, it’s more complex than that, but I am not fully qualified to explain it, and if I ask Big O to do it, it’ll just add to his ego. So, lets just move on with the Nothing is Something idea.

***Disclaimer: This does NOT apply to the habitually lazy, slacking, freeloading leech. This is directed to all those hardworking folks (me included) that never seem to find any downtime. 

Finding a moment of personal time can be challenging to many individuals. And most of us believe that once this time is carved out, be it an entire weekend, a day, or a few hours it should be somewhat “productive”. We yearn to do SOMETHING we love as long as its not work or home-chore related. I can’t argue with that. Personally, I have yet to come across anyone that loves cleaning the toilet or folding laundry.  Without a doubt these are not popular pastimes or hobbies. Although there is a British journalist by the name of Bryony Gordon that absolutely loves it. This IS her hobby and she even reported that 1 out of every 3 women secretly love to clean. Can you believe it? Either way, I honestly need to befriend one of these women in hopes for a service exchange.

As for the rest of us, that’s two thirds of women along with men and teens that prefer to spend our free time on other types of activities. Some love hiking, going to the movies, visiting a museum, golfing. bowling, visiting the zoo, shopping, attending a sporting event, going to a concert, skating, and/or hosting a party with friends and family. I agree, all of these are great fun pastimes. But fill your free time up with these and you’ll be exhausted come Sunday night. Now, the following lists some things, that when asked “What did you do for the weekend?” most people will reply with a shrug of the shoulder and a disheartening “Nothing really, I just…”

Well, NO MORE!! Given that Nothing is actually Something, when you get back to work on Monday, hopefully more relaxed, you can proudly and emphatically say that you did NOTHING or claim stake on it as truly SOMETHING.  Go ahead and enjoy any of the following activities. Depending on who you are or what your stress level is (because you are a hardworking individual on a daily basis), something here will inevitably help you unwind. And THAT is definitely a good use of your time.

  1. Read a book
  2. Page through a fashion magazine
  3. Listen to your favorite album on repeat (look up the lyrics so you can sing along)
  4. Watch music videos
  5. Daydream about your future vacation
  6. Meditate on anything
  7. Sip on some tea/wine/coffee and watch the rain fall
  8. Binge watch a television series
  9. Soak in the tub
  10. Sit on your porch and say hello to the neighbors as they walk by
  11. Stretch your arms, back, legs, neck
  12. Do a word search puzzle
  13. Cuddle with your pet
  14. Watch a stand up comedian on TV (Laughter is good for you)
  15. Chat with a friend on the phone (texting counts)
  16. Light various scented candles and enjoy how they mix
  17. Draw on a pad (doodling counts)
  18. Google something new (You’ll be a little smarter)
  19. Write down your thoughts (about anything, no to-do lists though)
  20. Look at old pictures (go down memory lane)
  21. Rewatch the Ross and Rachel “We’re on a break” episode and learn from it.
  22. Watch AFV episodes (I have my kids to thank for this mindless viewing)
  23. Scroll through Pinterest for inspiration
  24. Add songs to your playlist
  25. Take a nap (so many of us don’t have this luxury or feel guilty about it)
  26. Enjoy a game (Bejeweled and Candy Crush count)
  27. Stare, observe, take in your surroundings (even if you’re home)
  28. Enjoy a bear hug from your kids (then send them away to play)
  29. Eat in bed
  30. Count how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop (I did this twice and averaged 286 licks)
  31. Focus on your breathing
  32. Moisturize your hands and feet
  33. Sit by your fireplace or fire pit and stare at the dancing flames
  34. Enjoy a soft throw blanket against your skin
  35. Makeout with your significant other

Did I miss something? Let me know what kind of “Nothing” helps you relax. I’m always open to new ideas.

— The Pretty Platform




4 thoughts

  1. Wow! I don’t know where to start first. I am so grateful my mother read me Hansel & Gretel so many times as a child so I knew to follow your breadcrumbs back here to all this magnificence! We’re a splendid Bloggy match! We might even become bloggymates? I was just doing nothing by watching Seinfeld reruns, a show about nothing. And now you’ve validated me. Your new follower, Stephanie

    1. Stephanie,
      I loved Hansel & Gretel. Well, not the gross idea that an old woman kidnapped two young kids to fatten them up and eat them. This just may be one of those books that need to get pulled out of the “kids” section of literature. Seems more like an adult topic, huh? BUT I love the idea of having a bloggymate. I never had a pen pal as a kid so all the writing I do now and all the social media I partake in I can blame on my childhood. Seinfeld RULES!!! Some of my fave episodes…. (not sure if the episodes even have names)…the Whisperer, the Close Talker, and God Bless You/You’re so Good Looking.

  2. One of the questions my therapist asked me yesterday is, “Do you relax on the weekends?” And that didn’t mean naps or sleeping in, it meant doing things that I fully enjoy doing. While I love getting my Saturdays in with the little guy and I enjoy my time with him, it’s not the same as just sitting here and enjoying a movie or gardening in the backyard. After talking about it yesterday with my therapist, I realize that I don’t do a lot of relaxing at all on the weekends. I am constantly doing chores of some kind, thinking that I absolutely have to finish it all in one day rather than just spread it all out over time so I’m giving myself time to relax.

    1. I totally agree with him. You need to do relaxing things that’ll bring a smile to your face and help you decompress. As Andrew gets older it’ll also get easier for him to entertain himself allowing you the self time without the guilt. I’m learning that as well. We need to stop giving the power of time to all of our chores. Lol.

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