July 15-20

July 15-20, 2014

Our 11 day family road trip this month was well deserved by every member. The hubby and I have had a rough 18 months. Thanks to my lovely MIL. The poor kids have felt the trickling effects of that.  So off we went to disconnect from the what nots at home and the hectic schedules at work. We promised each other we wouldn’t check emails, to allow those that are back at the office to take the reigns. Other than a couple of emails we definitely kept our promise. We enjoyed the views with each passing mile. We talked, we laughed, we sang, we napped. And that was just during our car rides. And upon our return, well rested and with the great memories with over a thousand pictures to relive it all again, we are greeted with great news. Well, great for us. I’m sure the MIL is simmering in her own evil scam like juices. Oh…what I wouldn’t give to have the super power of being The Wasp so I could have been the fly on the wall to see the look on her face. And so with that I share this week’s recap.

1. Don’t ever try to call my bluff. If I retained a lawyer, then brace yourself before heading my way. No one takes advantage of my family. I’m like the female wolverine. My claws are retracted…for now.

2. Until you reach retirement age, remember these words…WORK if you want money. Don’t try to scam people out of it. No work? No money! No money? No life!

3. To the woman at McDonald’s. Note that there is no aisle 9 3/4 (Harry Potter reference) where you magically get your own cashier. Don’t feign ignorance. I’m not letting you cut in. Wake up and get to the back of the line.

4. To my other left foot. Watch where you’re going. My rearend crash landing on the floor knocking down the baby in the process does not make for a good start to my Thursday morning.

5. This whole social media concept of “friends” on a list has now officially become an immature burden. It’s right up there with corn dogs, (a hot dog on a stick). Sounds good until it hits you and you spend hours in pain getting it out of your system. Time to “Pepto Bismol” the list.


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