July 23-29

This past week was a lovely one. A week spent with family and friends.  People who are dear to you, know you, understand you, forgive you and support you. Some are people who have been with you either all of your life or all of theirs. Others are people who have recently entered your life and you get that sweet fuzzy feeling, like they just belong. I’ve been reminded that you may not see eye to eye, you may argue, you may rub each other the wrong way, but through it all, you know that you’d rather be with them than without them. And so I take a strong exception to the following:

1. Mothers that turn their back on their kids just because things are not 100% beneficial to themselves. Stop being a selfish parent. The title of Mom is a privilege,  not a right.

2. A true friend is someone who is there with you along the way. A friend is NOT a name on a social network list. Either you’re a friend or you’re not. If something is bothering you, talk it through. If not, then scratch the name off your list. It’s false advertising.

3. People who are nice ONLY through social networks or email. If you don’t know how to be friendly and cool with someone in person, then scratch that name off your list.

4. The stupid show The Kardashians. Sadly, I’ve been hooked this week. Thanks to (you know who you are). These people are exactly the poster people of what NOT to do in a family.  But just like a bad car accident, you need to slow way down to observe the mess. Hulu let’s me do just that. I think I’m on season 8 now.

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