June 9-15

June 9-15, 2014 

Believe me when I say that I HONESTLY thought I posted last week. My heads been in a whirlwind. Between sales meetings, kids graduations, vacation planning and trying to diet to get myself in to the bridesmaid dress that I ordered too small and cannot return….. well, it’s no wonder this slipped through. And since I have to run off to the next task before my 4 day weekend, I leave you here with last weeks rant.

    • If you want to step off to the side of the street and smoke your life away, be my guest. But please refrain from smoking and walking in front of me because that damn smoke you’re puffing flings behind you and smacks me in the face. Contrary to your belief, it does not go UP AND AWAY. Your cigarette,  your smoke. Keep it to yourself. Oh, and tell your girlfriend the same thing.
    • I say this in the kindest way I know how to. Ladies, ladies; please find a neutral person to tell you if your clothing choice of the day was at all appropriate.  Not a friend, she’ll just lie to you.  Anyone else I’m sure would have told that poor young woman that those shorts that were about 3 sizes too small and creeping up areas that personally I had no desire to be exposed to that maybe, just maybe, were not her “thing”.
    • It’s summer, it’s hot, we all have to take a bus trip back and forth to work. We’re confined in that space for more than an hour each way…one word…. DEODORANT! Lots of it. Nuff said.
    • If you’re going to throw someone under the bus, how about you be man or woman enough to take ownership of that and not hide behind some lame excuse. We know who you are!!!
    • Why do people need to be so nasty with each other? Is your life so miserable that you need to go out of your way to make others miserable? Stop huffing, stop sucking your teeth, stop rolling your eyes. (Yes, this was from an adult).



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