May 23-29


May 23-29, 2014 

This was an interesting week. Although I had an amazing time during my long holiday weekend away, and came back with an equally great tan, there are certain things we just can’t get away from.

  1. When turning in to a lane, here’s a concept; stay in your.damned.respective.lane. You DON’T get to turn left from your left lane THEN enter MY center spot lane. Are you crazy? Go re-read the drivers manual, you idiot!
  2. When driving in a parking lot, please remember…you are NOT to exceed the posted speed limit, which in this case is 10, you moron! It’s a parking lot, not the Indy 500.
  3. If you’re going to bitch about me, maybe you should do so with someone that’s NOT connected to me. Yes, genius, it got back to me. Oh, and while you were at it, maybe you should have done it while sober, you coward.
  4. Grown people do NOT get to send other grown people to bed. I’m just saying. (I witnessed this, true story).
  5. You want to procrastinate? Sure, knock yourself out. Just make sure it doesn’t affect me or my plans. If it does, it’s like you’re giving MY valuable time the finger. (You know who you are. Yes, I still love you).

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