National Poetry Writing Month – Tautogram – Challenge

This is my poem for this months Challenge. This style is called Tautogram. Hope you enjoy and understand my story.


Tantrums, tasks, troubles.

The toddler twists, turns, tumbles.

Tula too tired to try, the toddler too testy to tame.

Tribulation through these tiny, tiny tirades.

Toiling thoughts.

Tom’s toxic tongue torpedoes teasing toward tearful tot.

Terrible tactless taunts.

Tom’s terrifying touches, Tula tortured.

Twosome tremble. Twosome timorous.

Tula takes time to think, too tough to trust.

Told to tolerate, twin takes tot tonight.

Takes taxi to town, to tavern. Tries tequila, tipsy.

Thoughts transport Tula to terrific time tickling toddler to tranquilize torment;

Turbulent Tears.

Telephones twin to thank, to talk, to theorize.

They trade touching tales taking them to teenage times.

They thirst those times.

They treasure those tidbits; their trimesters; their travels.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, Time’s trauma toughen to tolerate.

Trees, tulips, tasty treats, tarnished!

To twinkle, to thrive; Taken! Tainted!


– Elke

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