November 1-7

Amazing how quickly time can fly by. Time never really changes though. It’s always 24 hours. No more, no less. So why do I feel like I’m losing time at a faster rate the older I get. Wait, what? It’s already winter again? If you stare at the pot of water anticipating it to boil it equates to what one feels waiting for their number to be called at the DMV. So here’s my theory; if we watch each day, taking note of every little detail, paying attention to what we do, how we do it, how others react, remembering what we felt, then maybe, just maybe those 24 hours will feel more like 24 hours and less like 5 minutes. But beware…stimulus overload may occur.

1. Why are there so many damned leaves in my yard? They seem to be multiplying after midnight just like Mogwais . We seem to have been over-ambitious idiots when we thought we wanted to be surrounded by nature when house hunting.


2. I’m feminine. I like to look good. But I didn’t play with makeup when I was a kid and I still don’t find amusement playing with it now. Sure, I wear a minimal amount of it and sure, I find the importance of using it…to mainly distract you from seeing what clearly is old age quickly creeping up on me. How laborious it feels though to draw that black line on my top eye lid. Controlling that pencil as I try to draw a flawless line on my jittery lid is not my idea of fun. A bomb squad technician probably has more fun having to disarm a bomb before detonation in the last second.

3. How many of you have an equal amount of chargers to gadgets in your home? Well, bravo for you. Nope, not in my home. I keep plugging and unplugging the tablet to plug the phone to then plug-in the other phone. This while making sure that all gadgets load to 100 percent before any of us leave the house. Where have all the chargers disappeared to? Is there a secret missing chargers club like there’s a secret missing sock club?

4. I’ll understand if you don’t want to take note and slow down while doing laundry. Who the hell wants those minutes to last? Especially when doing laundry for a family of five. Laundry day makes me feel like a hoarder. Where in the world do we stash this many clothes and linens? Where was it all hiding? Again, those Mogwais come to mind.

5. The most boring chore in the world has to be brushing your 5-year-old kids teeth. I don’t take pleasure brushing my own, but to stand there digging deep in to someone else’s mouth, while they whine the entire time and keeping my palm under to catch their fallen spit paste. Well, yeah, no fun at all. For that, I’m willing to cut my day short to 23 hours.


6. In paying more attention to all that surrounds me, I’m hit with the realization that I don’t want to notice everything. Case in point, the sound of another person’s breathing and chewing. This is not a test. Don’t do it. Don’t try to take notice of the sounds your loved ones make. Not if you cherish them for all they’re worth. Keep the peace and move on.

So go ahead and slow down a bit to enjoy all that is around you, but remember, there are some things that cannot be unheard or unseen.

— Elke




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