September 2-15

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of errands, first days of school for 3 kids, trying to enjoy the last bit of summer, and dealing with an ailing sister. This latter one has been at the pinnacle of my thoughts for the last 3 weeks. It’s not everyday you watch your sister need a nursing home at a younger age than most. I can’t complain too much since it’s been my niece that has been thrown in to this new role to make sure her mother is properly taken care of. I watch and my compassion for both scenarios increase since I clearly recall the emotional roller coaster I rode on when my own mother experienced old age deterioration. Sometimes life itself can just SUCK the life right out of you. So, in Better Pissed Off nature the following are things that totally peeve me although didn’t necessarily occur to me this month. (Well, except the first one. That one did happen). But at the moment, nothing else has truly has pissed me off enough to make it to this segment (Disclaimer: MIL is still an issue that is soon to be resolved. Stay tuned. That post will be a doozy).

1. HACKERS!!! Stop trying to hack in to my bank account. When I get on a line to buy something, the cashier rings me up, I hand over my debit card and it comes up as UNSUPPORTED, I have to call my bank to see what the hell is going on and it’s because YOU had nothing better to do with your boring antisocial pathetic lonely life than to hack into other people’s lives and set off a security breach which embarrasses me because no one else on that line knew the truth and just thought that this pathetic woman had no money and thought it was because I was irresponsible with my account. YOU NEED TO PAY. Or maybe you already have, given that you have a boring antisocial pathetic lonely life without purpose other than to try to steal MY identity.

2. When two people break up then one of them asks “can we still be friends?” Does this even deserve an explanation? Who’s the one I’m really upset at? The one that wants to remain “friends” or the one that allows the idiot in as a “friend”. I understand if this was the only, sole person in your life, but don’t you have enough friends? Even if you have just one friend, do you really want to add the idiot that just broke your heart as a “friend”? The fact that they treated you like crap, doesn’t that disqualify them from the friend status?

3. When I hear on the news someone being interviewed after averting a disaster and attributing it to God protecting them. What are you saying? That God wasn’t powerful enough to protect everyone there? That he made a conscientious decision to help you and screw over everyone else? Please find other words that won’t make all those others that are suffering feel like they were any less important or worthy than yourself.

4. People who start off a sentence saying “Don’t get offended” or “Please don’t get upset”. Allow me to enlighten you…I’m already offended and upset even before you continue with your thought. You think that the request in itself will diminish the reactionary outcome of the bomb you’re going to drop? “Man up” and deal with the inevitable reaction.

5. A restaurant obligating me to tip a set percentage by including it on the check. What if I didn’t want to provide that percentage due to the lack of proper service but I’d look like an ass if I took the time to actually complain about my rights and that tipping is not a law and that it should be my own decision what to tip based off of the actual effort that was put through to earn that extra money?

Feel free to share some of your craziest pet peeves in the Comments section. I’d love to hear about them.

— Elke


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