My DNA Reveal and Nina Simone!

When I began writing this post, the first thing that rammed itself straight away in to my mind was Nina Simone's song "Feeling Good". The lyrics related to the hook especially. For those of you that don't know Nina Simone's original "Feeling Good", you may have heard Michael Buble's rendition. Whether you favor one over…

My Sisters Eulogy… A Celebration of Her! Unconventional at its Finest!

My heartfelt eulogy given at my sisters life celebration.

Just a Little Jealous of the Kids!

I had a sibling but lived as an only child. I sometimes yearn for the same type of relationship my kids have.

The Sound of Silence

We can all agree that radio, television, children, and gatherings are all producers of sound, both pleasant and unpleasant... of course depending on the receiver. Your favorite song. A funny sitcom. Laughter from your little ones. Great conversation with family and friends. All positive things for sure, and I thankfully find myself being a willing receiver to…

My Name is NOT Mommy!

A weekend conversation between myself and my seven year old son. A conversation every parent should have with their child. ********************************** Mom! Mama! Mommy! Mother! Ma! ENOUGH!!! sweet little boy...I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to yell. But all day you've been asking me for stuff. Stuff that YOU want. Stuff that YOU like.…