Sorry? NO MORE… Sorry!

Do you apologize for things you don't need to apologize for? Is this an issue mostly among women? Stop apologizing and start building your confidence instead.

Quit Bellyaching Over Peter Rabbit!

Stop complaining about Peter Rabbit and take some responsibility as the parent.

Dear Future Daughter In Laws – My Sons Know About Your Period

An Open Letter to My Son's future wives. These men are quite educated on the topic of a woman's period and what their role is during this time. Hold them to it.

The Sound of Silence

We can all agree that radio, television, children, and gatherings are all producers of sound, both pleasant and unpleasant... of course depending on the receiver. Your favorite song. A funny sitcom. Laughter from your little ones. Great conversation with family and friends. All positive things for sure, and I thankfully find myself being a willing receiver to…

The Fear Factor

Take fear and still accomplish your dream.

It’s Getting Loud Up Here In My Head!

My thoughts are like unplanned and uninvited guests.  They usually pop in when I'm on my own during a relaxing drive. For some people it's a stroll through the park as they contemplate the sights and sounds of nature. For others it may be a long soak in the tub as the lit wick of…